Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2010/2011

March 7, 2010

Bradley is on the verge of being the best boxer today.  He still needs a little more grooming, but I see him as a definite threat to Pacquiao by the end of the year. I would say after 1-2 more fights he’ll have the skills of a veteran and the strength of youth.  He outboxed Lamont Peterson, Nate Campbell, and Kendall Holt easily.  All of them are world class fighters.  Let’s face it:  Amir Khan, Urango, Alexander, and Maidana are not in his class.  Bradley is in a class of his own, with his aggression, volume punching, body punching, slick style, great footwork, and great defense.  He’s awesome. Yep!


Sergio Martinez is the best P4P fighter between 147-160

March 7, 2010

Sergio Martinez is by far the best fighter this side of 147-160.  I cannot think of a single fighter who can beat him between those weight classes. Floyd would not handle the speed, strength, or extra size that this guy brings, as well as being as slick as Floyd and having a better offensive output.  He will give Pacquiao a harder time than Morales ever did or ever could.  He beat Paul Williams pretty easily, with his hands on his sides.  Maravilla will beat Pavlik, pretty easily, and will clean out the Middleweight division, and then bring some smaller guys up in weight to challenge him.  This is good for boxing, Pavlik has been protected since the Hopkins fight and hasn’t fought anyone significant.  Sergio Martinez fights anyone and everyone.  He will be the p4p king someday.  Holler!

Why Mosley lost to Forrest and Winky.

March 6, 2010

Besides being prone to lose to more skillful or fundamentally complete boxers, which is a partial misconception, I feel that Mosley’s ideal weight is NOT 154.  I feel he went to 154 to challenge himself more through Vargas (twice), Forrest (twice), and Wright (twice).  De La Hoya did it, and actually ballooned all the way to 160 to get the most out of his career.  Mosley has always been most effective at 135 and 147, where his speed carries, and more importantly his power carries.  Mosley has been criticized at 154 as not boxing as much, and trying to go for the KO’s at every second, and acting like he’s the bigger with the greater power.  Agst Vargas he was more successful, but that’s probably partly due to the fact that Vargas likes to fight.  Forrest and Winky are expert technicians, and not even that, they are bigger than him as well, significantly.  For those two losses, I give Mosley a pass.  Or those four losses.  Cheers to Mosley for trying again both times, and giving Vargas a second chance.  That’s a champion’s heart.  At 147 Mosley is lightning fast, with above average KO power, a great chin, and is a KO threat to anyone, even Floyd.  Against Cotto Mosley didn’t fight too bad a fight.  However, I feel Mosley underestimated him, and if they had fought again I feel Mosley would have won a decision or have KO’d him in the late rounds.  PW called Cotto a “10 round fighter”.  This holds true.Especially since Mosley almost knocked Cotto out in the 10th round if it weren’t for the wet spot on the floor.  Either way, Mosley or Pacquiao is the best in the world, and Mosley will prove it on May 1st, and Pacquiao though I think will lose to Clottey, he’s maxed himself out and there is no shame losing to a great champion named Clottey.  Holler!

Floyd vs. Mosley

March 6, 2010

Round 1:  Ding!  Floyd gallops to the middle of the ring in his usual posture, Mosley looked pumped and poised.  They exchange a few jabs.  Three jabs thrown from Mosley already.  Floyd throws a lead right hand, grazes Mosley, Mosley fires a right upstairs, which misses, then follows up with a left hook to the body.  Floyd felt it, Floyd circles and postures. Floyd is trying to figure his opponent out.  Lead left hook by Floyd, blocked, Mosley assumes attacker position.  Both look lightning fast. Mosley flurries, all of them blocked or slipped. 10-9 Mosley.   Round 2:  Same as before, Floyd gallops out, Mosley meets him in the center of the ring.  Mosley works behind the jab. Gets a right hand to the body.  Floyd goes for the lead left hook,slipped and countered by Mosley!  Mosley hit Floyd flush!  Mosley bull rushes Floyd, and goes to the body and head.  Not much lands,but right hand over top had partial connection.  Back to the middle of the ring, Floyd works behind the jab, counters Mosley a few times.  No damage done.  10-9 Floyd by close points.   Round 3:  Ding!  Floyd starts off with grazing right hand. Mosley jabs and goes to the body.  Semi-successful. Mosley backs Floyd up and throws a flurry of punches.  Some of them land, Mosley keeps up the pressure. Lead left from Floyd blocked, the jab is slipped, Floyd shoe shines, nothing behind it. Mosley does some body work, and his overhand right up top has almost found a home. 10-9 Mosley based on aggression and more offensive output.  Round 4:  Floyd decides he needs to open up more.  They meet front and center, floyd starts to flurry and to be more aggressive.  Out of a few flurries, Floyd lands a few good ones.  Mosley rallies back and Floyd is staggered!  If Floyd doesn’t pick up the pace soon and lay some hurt he will have a hard time finishing in the stretch fo’ sho! Mosley wails away at the body.  10-9  Mosley.     Round 5:  More of the same.  Floyd can’t hurt him. So and so forth until Floyd gets KO’d or Mosley wins a decent UD  (Maybe 7 rounds to 5 or maybe 8-4.)  Holler!

Can’t Wait…

March 3, 2010

So many good fights coming up… Mosley Money May, Cintron Williams, Martinez Pavlik, Dirrell Abraham, Froch Kessler, Pacquiao Clottey… what happened to Juanma Gamboa? Looks like the Juanma camp is scared!  They didn’t like what they saw in the Mtagwa fight so they’re protecting Juanma until he gains more experience.  Juanma has been protected goods since the Mtagwa fight.  Anyway, great fights coming up… including Alexander Urango…who’s valero fighting next? I still like Katsidis.  Hope he does well in his next fight.  Ward will beat the stuffing out of Green in a lopsided UD.  Holler!

Pacquiao vs. Clottey (My Prediction)

March 3, 2010

Round 1:  Ding!   Pacquiao has his trademark head movement while Clottey starts off cautiously.  They both throw jabs and neither land.  Pacquiao jab, jab, and throws a left cross down the pike on Clottey’s chin. Clottey responds with a left hook to the body.  Clottey partially connects with a right cross.  The fight is in the middle of the ring.  10-9  Pacquiao by a fraction.  Round 2:  They both meet in the center of the ring. Clottey is landing his jab, and trying to adapt to pacquiao’s speed.  Some good hooks to the body by Clottey.  Pacquiao throws a 4-punch flurry, all of them blocked… nothing but elbows and gloves.  Pacquiao comes in again and Clottey gives a left hook counter and Pacquiao staggers.  Clottey puts pressure on Pacquiao, but Pacquiao is too fast and is creating space to recover.  A quick 1-2 lands for Pacquiao but the momentum belongs to Clottey.  10-9  Clottey.   Round 3:  they meet in center of the ring.  Jab lands for Clottey.  More body work for Clottey.  Clottey backs Pacquiao into ropes for the first time.  Pacquiao is attempting bodywork, all blocked by the moving wall coming towards him.  Jab, and 1-2 lands for Clottey, flush on Pacquiao’s chin.  The size difference is signficant.   Clottey must be 168, Pacquiao 152 max.   10-9  Clottey    Round 4:  Roach tells Pacquiao to box and move in between rounds.  He looks concerned and is trying to rile up his student.  Clottey takes the lead and is stalking Pacquiao.  pacquiao fires 6 punch combination… all of them blocked.  Clottey digs a left hook to his gut and continues to walk him down.  Pacquiao a three punch combination… glove glove elbow.  Jab and left hookto the body and left uppercut to snap Pacqiuao’s head back.  pacquiao is in full retreat.   10-9 Clottey.  round 5:  Dance!  Says Freddie Roach.  Clottey works behind the jab.  Good body shot by Pacquiao.  Right hand to the chin of pacquiao.  Body body body… Clottey works it like a full time job!  Pacquiao begins to slow down.  Right cross, left hook to body, clottey tees off, and all of Pacquiao’s shots bounce off.  Perhaps Pacquiao bit off more than he coud chew!  10-9 Clottey  round 6:  jab jab body.   that’s clottey!  he’s keeping it real, knocking pacquiao around while blocking all his shots!  the ref and freddie roach better get a good look at this!  Hook uppercut!  clottey is on fire!  whoever said he wasn’t a strong finisher must be crazy!  The stadium goes wild!  At this point it’s not a matter of if, but when.  Pacquiao hasn’t hurt Clottey once, and Clottey is walking him down and teeing away at his body.  10-9 Clottey   So on and so forth until sometime between rounds 8-10 the ref or Freddie Roach calls it a night.  We have a new WBA (or WBO or WBC) Welterweight champion of the world!   JOSSSSHUA  “HEAAATTTTER”  CLLLLLOOOTTTEEYYYY!!!!  Let’s give a round of applause to a magnificent warrior MANNY PACQUIAO for giving the crowd his utmost effort.  He has fought the best and has shown his heart tonight.  Holler!

Dirrell Over Abraham: Super Six.

February 20, 2010

In my opinion, Andre Dirrell will knock out Arthur Abraham around the 10th or11th round. Dirrell is faster than him, more multi-dimensional, and more skilled than Abraham. Fact of the matter: Abraham can’t box. He goes into his peek-a-boo defense then he throws big windmill punches that throws him off balance when missing.  Abraham is overrated, especially with his greatest victories being his victory over Miranda after the first loss to Miranda (I know…), and then beating a burnt out Jermaine Taylor. This is not the Taylor who fought Bernard Hopkins twice, almost knocked out Pavlik, and almost knocked out Froch. This a Taylor, who was n0 longer “Bad Intentions”, who was gun shy, didn’t want to press a fight, barely threw right hands, afraid to jump on opportunities, and basically only fought to hear the final bell.  Abraham is good,but overrated and Dirrell will prove that fo’ sho! Dirrell TKO’s Abraham rounds 10/11, Ward UD’s Green, Froch TKO’s Kessler around rounds 8 or 9. Holler!

Antonio Margarito: To be, or not to be…

February 18, 2010

I’ve been reading up on boxing news and found out Margarito’s “suspension” is officially over.  So here it comes:  should he be re-instated or not?  At the time when he was found out I was very angry and felt cheated.  I felt he deserved a lifetime ban.  However, after some time has passed, and the welterweight has had it’s up’s and down’s since Floyd Mayweather has come out of retirement, I now feel we should forgive Margarito and let him work his way up the ranks. Actually this has nothing to do with repentence or forgiveness-  the sport needs him.  The welterweight division needs him.  We got Floyd changing up the dynamics and officially STOPPING the best welterweights from fighting each other because he talks so much and fights so little and has such a high price tag. At one time Cotto-Margarito 2 was the biggest fight to be made and Floyd was safely retired with is perfect 40-0 record in the bag and snug in his belief that he was gone from the sport and that he was the best (of his era?  of all time?).  This void that Floyd left was quickly filled with Manny Pacquiao at 147 and 140, Cotto, Collazo, Williams, Clottey, Collazo, and Berto taking on the toughest fights and each other.  However, since Floyd has come in the picture he broke the chain of the best fighters fighting each other and for the past year since his retirement he forced Shane out of the negotiating table.  Shane Mosley is the best welterweight in the world, and in the past year he could not get a fight with Floyd, Manny, Cotto, Clottey, nor Berto.  I blame Floyd for this dynamic. He holds up fights with his posturing and negotiating, he blows up small events into bigger fights than they are (Mayweather vs. Marquez, Mayweather vs. Oscar), and he gets other fighters to lose focus on the toughest fights and for them to get in line to fight him.  Margarito would change all of that b/c despite how I feel about him, he’s fearless and fights anyone in front of him (Williams, Clottey, Cotto, and Mosley – a better resume than Floyd’s whole career).  Margarito is another fighter who’s on the verge of superstar status (again) if he can claim a couple victories and then set up a mega fight.  The welterweights can then stop funneling in line to fight Pacquiao or Mosley and Margarito, the new factor will create super fights OUTSIDE of only Pacquiao and Mayweather.  In addition, I believe that Margarito could beat Floyd b/c he never stops coming forward, has a cast iron chin, and doesn’t stop throwing punches.  Floyd’s hands are brittle and his output minimal, he’ll never throw enough to get Margarito off of hi for 12 rounds:  translation:  Floyd could NEVER do what Shane did.  Even if Floyd could beat Shane, it does not mean he would beat Margarito nor Cotto, and before anyone is too quick to call Floyd the best if he were to beat Shane, compare his career to shane, and observe whether or not you could claim Floyd the best b/c he fought one or two good fighters as opposed to Shane’s one or two dozen great fighters.  It doesn’t add up, but for the most part, I’mgoing to cheer for Shane to knock out Floyd.  Next to Pacquiao, Shane’s the most able fighter to end Floyd’s winning streak and Floyd would then stop worrying about padding his record and decide to fight the best, yes, ALL of THEM fo’ sho!  Holler!

Mayweather vs. Mosley

February 17, 2010

The possibilities:  1.)  Mosley by mid to late round TKO.   2.)  Floyd coasting to a 7-5 or 8-4 decision, quite easily with a little trouble.  3.)  The fighting having a back and forth with Mosley pushing the fight, and Floyd pushing the mental or outboxing/strategy side and ending in SD or a close UD (7-5).  Well, I’m sure we’ve all thought the possibilities back and forth, so here’s a few things to know about Floyd:  1.)  Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya and Marquez and Castillo were albe to hit Floyd cleanly.  Mosley is 1.5 – 2 times faster than all of these guys, punches a little harder, and is 3 times the boxer that they are.   2.)  Floyd has brittle hands so he is NOT going to take Mosley to the body:  translation:  it’s gonna be a LONG night for Floyd.  Mosley doesn’t tire out and he has a cast iron chin.  3.)   Floyd doesn’t punch enough (output) nor have a varied enough type of offense to hurt or trick Mosley.  His 1-2 combo, his lead right hand, and his lead left hook and check hook are not enough to hurt, wobble, trick, nor finish Mosley.  4.)  Mosley is still improving this late in the game.  Floyd looks like the same fighter 3 years ago or 4 years ago.  Floyd will bring the same bag of tricks, Shane will bring more along with having fought better competition and tougher and even bigger guys.  TRANSLATION: MOSLEY BOMA YE!!!  Fo’ sho!

Hozumi Hasagawa and Daiki Kameda

February 15, 2010

So I’ve been checking out video footage of Daiki Kameda and Hozumi Hasagawa.  I was mighty impressed by both of the smaller guys.  Kameda can really jab and move, he’s got exemplary footwork, and great power in his hands.  Hasagawa is simply amazing in how he can move and coil from punches, in his using his footwork also to make his opponents’ miss, and in his underrated power.  Hasegawa likes to mix it up and he’s a great counter puncher while getting hit very little himself. He doesn’t have a lot of KO’s in 20 something fights (less than 50%), however, he seems to carry a way greater  punch in that division than Carlos  Baldomir at Welterweight, Sergio Mora at Middleweight, Sergio Martinez at Jr. Middleweight, and Paulie Malignaggi at Jr. Welterweight who all have similar KO percentages.  The few KO’s I viewed from Hasegawa were huge and explosive.  Some of them were versus quality opponents (like a fighter from Thailand in a rematch), and it seems that Hasegawa is a natural bantamweight versus his opponents who seems a lot larger and more muscular. They must drain themselves the week of the weigh in and blow up over night while Hasegawa seems to maintain a steady weight and still remain strong.  I’m a big fan of these little guys.  Happy New Year!