The Best Peek-A-Boo’s in the Business…

Yep, this is a type of defense that defines some fighters.  The peek-a-boo defense creates a cage or walls that opponents have a very hard time getting through.  To add, many of these fighters perform this style of defense while walking their opponents down and countering effectively.  So who performs this type of defense?

1.)  Gerry Penalosa-  Has an airtight guard and really performs some heavy body punching and a solid left hook.  He knocked Jhonny Gonazlez with a left hook to the body.

2.)  Antonio Tarver-  He has low volume but very good timing, some good power, and good ring IQ. He plays possum a lot too.

3.)  Ronald “Winky” Wright-  The most famous and one of the most recognized Peek-a-boo style defensive fighters.  He walks his opponents down and peppers them with straight left hands, a piston jab, and decent body work.  In his prime he could have taken on anyone at 160 and 154, but no one has given him a chance except Shane Mosley and Jermaine Taylor.  I felt he beat both of them convincingly.

4.)  Joshua “The Grandmaster (Heater)” Clottey –  Great airtight defense, walks his opponents down.  Has great counter punching ability, decent body punching, and great ring IQ.  He beat Cotto (just check out compubox numbers).

5.)  Arthur Abraham-  His defense is not as airtight as these other guys up there, but he makes up for it with huge roundhouse punches that destroy whatever they touch.  Without that God-given KO power, he’d be another Winky, and a victim of his style (losing close decisions and not winning big fights).
Have a nice day!  Dirrell won!  I predict Froch and Ward will pull out victories. Holler!


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