An Analysis of Top Welterweights…

1.)  Shane Mosley-  Great speed, great chin, good footwork,decent defense, great fighter’s instinct, good stamina, good heart,  good reach.  Gets outboxed by technically superior big guys sometimes (winky and forrest), works best at 147 and not 154.

2.)  Manny Pacquiao-  Amazing speed, great stamina, A chin, improved defense, high output, great power, unusual angles, two handed fighter, mixes offense and defense really well,

3.)  Joshua Clottey (nor in order)-  Iron chin, decent speed, decent counter puncher, decent body puncher, shell defense, one of the best defense in the welterweight division, sometimes not a strong finisher when it counts.

4.)  Miguel Cotto-  Huge left hook, decent boxing skills, decent counter puncher, B or C level chin, decent speed, stamina issues (after 6th or 9th round he fades fast and runs).  One of the best hearts in the divison.

5.)  Floyd Mayweather-  Great defensive skill, great speed, great counter puncher, great timing, lateral movement is below average, measuring distance is superior, huge ring iq, tricky and slick, great stamina, good chin.  Brittle hands, low offensive output, ducks good opponents, talks too much, promises his fans more than he can deliver.

6.)  Andre Berto-  Superior speed, fast feet, decently smart in the ring, power is below average.  Needs to work on infighting.  Needs more experience.

7.)  Luis Collazo-  Below average power, great volume, good defense, great heart, decent counter puncher, good body puncher, decent ring iq.


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