Alexander The Great

This is late, but I really like the way Alexander fights.  Holding two belts now, with Khan, Pacquiao (I think or did he relinquish his titles?), and Bradley as other belt holders, Devon Alexander now has some negotiating power and some future star power. Alexander has beaten Witter, and Urango now and I feel with another tune up fight he will be ready to take on the greats.  Alexander displayed great footwork, balance, hand speed, power, combination punching, ring smarts, defense, and heart.  He took Urango out of his game plan with his lateral movement and combination punching.  I read many writers, especially on (great site), talk about how Alexander was “sufficient” or “average” or only “good” until the 8th round knockout, and I really disagree.  He did a great job of moving, and hitting, and as the commentators pointed out, of not only moving and holding like Berto did.  He kept the fight in the center of the ring and wanted to lay some hurt, not just win on points which was the safer route.  In the end, his heart and fight spirit conquered the much bigger and stronger Urango. Of course Urango the mummy was a limited test for Alexander, but I feel he’s almost ready to move on to bigger things.  I would like to see him take on Bradley after a few more fights.  He’s still young and shows promise.  I hope he doesn’t get rushed to early or he could get ruined.  I’d be in boxing heaven if I could see a Bradley Alexander trilogy. I hope the coward Khan signs a real fight sometime soon. His soft chin is  a perfect match for Malignaggi’s soft hands.  And where’s Maidana in this mix, and Ortiz? Things should get exciting.  I hope Holt and Torres make a comeback too fo’ sho!  Holler!


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