Why Joshua Clottey Gets No Love…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, boxers with peek-a-boo defense get no love.  Why?  Look at Ronald “Winky” Wright and look at Joshua Clottey.  Two boxers with airtight defense, who bring the fight to the opponent, who can box and counter punch, BUT that don’t have one punch knockout power like Arthur Abraham, another fellow peek-a-booer.  Joshua Clottey can pretty much catch anyone’s Sunday Punch and combination on his gloves and elbows.  His defense wizardry and genius is in my opinion up to par with Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Neither of them get hit, and both of them are pretty good counter punchers and they both have good chins. So what’s the difference?  Why does Mayweather win fights and Clottey doesn’t?  First let’s analyze the situation.  Floyd can roll, slip, and bob and shoulderoll 20 punches in a row, and can land a jab or 1-2 and he will get the round or the “better” of the exchange.  Clottey would block and parry 20 punches in a row on gloves and elbows, and land a right cross flush or a double left hook or a left uppercut, and people will say “he didn’t want to win the fight enough”. Why is this?  My feeling is that the boxing public and most experts don’t appreciate the peek-a-boo stance.  They feel if the boxer is at least hiting gloves or elbows he’s partially scoring.  I think that’s bullshit.  When a boxer hits nothing but gloves and elbows no matter how many punches (shoe shining or aka- “missing”) I feel they shouldn’t be rewarded on volume or output alone.  In my opinion, it’s the exact same thing as missing 20 punches, however if the boxer throwing punches has “pop” or flash in their combination it might look eye catching to the judges, audience, and the whore nutsack rubbers of HBO commentating and then they’ll say “wow Berto is really giving it to him, or Judah is beating Clottey, or Pacquiao is really a genius”.  This is all bullshit.  Blocked shots is the same as missed shots:  nothing, bullshit, scram.  In addition, like Floyd Mayweather, Clottey doesn’t have a huge offensive output, but is accurate when he connects, and usually makes his opponents miss.  So what is the difference between Floyd and Clottey?  What is the “X” Factor?  I feel athleticism, flashy combos, a bit personality/charisma, showboating, and some kind of speed “wow’s” the judges on the part of Mayweather, but something Joshua Clottey does not have.  So what does this come down to?  Judges, experts, and fans alike are “wow”-ed by flashy combos and athleticism and NOT by true boxing, because otherwise they’d be more impressed with Joshua Clottey.  Clottey blocking 20 shots is being “inactive”, “passive”, and “overly defensive” and/or “scared” even though he counters after that flurry, BUT Floyd shoulder rolling 20 shots and then countering is seen as “defense wizardry”.  Makes me sick, the boxing establishment don’t know shit, and THIS is why Clottey loses fights, not because he lacks heart, is unwilling to take chances, or misses that “X” Factor.  It’s his style that will never be appreciated, not his heart or skills.  In my opinion, on Saturday, March 13th, Clottey kicked Pacquiao’s ass. The evidence is written on Pacquiao’s face. Pacquiao is a great fighter, but Clottey made him look like an amateur.  Holler!


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