Why Mosley lost to Forrest and Winky.

Besides being prone to lose to more skillful or fundamentally complete boxers, which is a partial misconception, I feel that Mosley’s ideal weight is NOT 154.  I feel he went to 154 to challenge himself more through Vargas (twice), Forrest (twice), and Wright (twice).  De La Hoya did it, and actually ballooned all the way to 160 to get the most out of his career.  Mosley has always been most effective at 135 and 147, where his speed carries, and more importantly his power carries.  Mosley has been criticized at 154 as not boxing as much, and trying to go for the KO’s at every second, and acting like he’s the bigger with the greater power.  Agst Vargas he was more successful, but that’s probably partly due to the fact that Vargas likes to fight.  Forrest and Winky are expert technicians, and not even that, they are bigger than him as well, significantly.  For those two losses, I give Mosley a pass.  Or those four losses.  Cheers to Mosley for trying again both times, and giving Vargas a second chance.  That’s a champion’s heart.  At 147 Mosley is lightning fast, with above average KO power, a great chin, and is a KO threat to anyone, even Floyd.  Against Cotto Mosley didn’t fight too bad a fight.  However, I feel Mosley underestimated him, and if they had fought again I feel Mosley would have won a decision or have KO’d him in the late rounds.  PW called Cotto a “10 round fighter”.  This holds true.Especially since Mosley almost knocked Cotto out in the 10th round if it weren’t for the wet spot on the floor.  Either way, Mosley or Pacquiao is the best in the world, and Mosley will prove it on May 1st, and Pacquiao though I think will lose to Clottey, he’s maxed himself out and there is no shame losing to a great champion named Clottey.  Holler!


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