Floyd vs. Mosley

Round 1:  Ding!  Floyd gallops to the middle of the ring in his usual posture, Mosley looked pumped and poised.  They exchange a few jabs.  Three jabs thrown from Mosley already.  Floyd throws a lead right hand, grazes Mosley, Mosley fires a right upstairs, which misses, then follows up with a left hook to the body.  Floyd felt it, Floyd circles and postures. Floyd is trying to figure his opponent out.  Lead left hook by Floyd, blocked, Mosley assumes attacker position.  Both look lightning fast. Mosley flurries, all of them blocked or slipped. 10-9 Mosley.   Round 2:  Same as before, Floyd gallops out, Mosley meets him in the center of the ring.  Mosley works behind the jab. Gets a right hand to the body.  Floyd goes for the lead left hook,slipped and countered by Mosley!  Mosley hit Floyd flush!  Mosley bull rushes Floyd, and goes to the body and head.  Not much lands,but right hand over top had partial connection.  Back to the middle of the ring, Floyd works behind the jab, counters Mosley a few times.  No damage done.  10-9 Floyd by close points.   Round 3:  Ding!  Floyd starts off with grazing right hand. Mosley jabs and goes to the body.  Semi-successful. Mosley backs Floyd up and throws a flurry of punches.  Some of them land, Mosley keeps up the pressure. Lead left from Floyd blocked, the jab is slipped, Floyd shoe shines, nothing behind it. Mosley does some body work, and his overhand right up top has almost found a home. 10-9 Mosley based on aggression and more offensive output.  Round 4:  Floyd decides he needs to open up more.  They meet front and center, floyd starts to flurry and to be more aggressive.  Out of a few flurries, Floyd lands a few good ones.  Mosley rallies back and Floyd is staggered!  If Floyd doesn’t pick up the pace soon and lay some hurt he will have a hard time finishing in the stretch fo’ sho! Mosley wails away at the body.  10-9  Mosley.     Round 5:  More of the same.  Floyd can’t hurt him. So and so forth until Floyd gets KO’d or Mosley wins a decent UD  (Maybe 7 rounds to 5 or maybe 8-4.)  Holler!


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