Pacquiao vs. Clottey (My Prediction)

Round 1:  Ding!   Pacquiao has his trademark head movement while Clottey starts off cautiously.  They both throw jabs and neither land.  Pacquiao jab, jab, and throws a left cross down the pike on Clottey’s chin. Clottey responds with a left hook to the body.  Clottey partially connects with a right cross.  The fight is in the middle of the ring.  10-9  Pacquiao by a fraction.  Round 2:  They both meet in the center of the ring. Clottey is landing his jab, and trying to adapt to pacquiao’s speed.  Some good hooks to the body by Clottey.  Pacquiao throws a 4-punch flurry, all of them blocked… nothing but elbows and gloves.  Pacquiao comes in again and Clottey gives a left hook counter and Pacquiao staggers.  Clottey puts pressure on Pacquiao, but Pacquiao is too fast and is creating space to recover.  A quick 1-2 lands for Pacquiao but the momentum belongs to Clottey.  10-9  Clottey.   Round 3:  they meet in center of the ring.  Jab lands for Clottey.  More body work for Clottey.  Clottey backs Pacquiao into ropes for the first time.  Pacquiao is attempting bodywork, all blocked by the moving wall coming towards him.  Jab, and 1-2 lands for Clottey, flush on Pacquiao’s chin.  The size difference is signficant.   Clottey must be 168, Pacquiao 152 max.   10-9  Clottey    Round 4:  Roach tells Pacquiao to box and move in between rounds.  He looks concerned and is trying to rile up his student.  Clottey takes the lead and is stalking Pacquiao.  pacquiao fires 6 punch combination… all of them blocked.  Clottey digs a left hook to his gut and continues to walk him down.  Pacquiao a three punch combination… glove glove elbow.  Jab and left hookto the body and left uppercut to snap Pacqiuao’s head back.  pacquiao is in full retreat.   10-9 Clottey.  round 5:  Dance!  Says Freddie Roach.  Clottey works behind the jab.  Good body shot by Pacquiao.  Right hand to the chin of pacquiao.  Body body body… Clottey works it like a full time job!  Pacquiao begins to slow down.  Right cross, left hook to body, clottey tees off, and all of Pacquiao’s shots bounce off.  Perhaps Pacquiao bit off more than he coud chew!  10-9 Clottey  round 6:  jab jab body.   that’s clottey!  he’s keeping it real, knocking pacquiao around while blocking all his shots!  the ref and freddie roach better get a good look at this!  Hook uppercut!  clottey is on fire!  whoever said he wasn’t a strong finisher must be crazy!  The stadium goes wild!  At this point it’s not a matter of if, but when.  Pacquiao hasn’t hurt Clottey once, and Clottey is walking him down and teeing away at his body.  10-9 Clottey   So on and so forth until sometime between rounds 8-10 the ref or Freddie Roach calls it a night.  We have a new WBA (or WBO or WBC) Welterweight champion of the world!   JOSSSSHUA  “HEAAATTTTER”  CLLLLLOOOTTTEEYYYY!!!!  Let’s give a round of applause to a magnificent warrior MANNY PACQUIAO for giving the crowd his utmost effort.  He has fought the best and has shown his heart tonight.  Holler!


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