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The Best Peek-A-Boo’s in the Business…

March 29, 2010

Yep, this is a type of defense that defines some fighters.  The peek-a-boo defense creates a cage or walls that opponents have a very hard time getting through.  To add, many of these fighters perform this style of defense while walking their opponents down and countering effectively.  So who performs this type of defense?

1.)  Gerry Penalosa-  Has an airtight guard and really performs some heavy body punching and a solid left hook.  He knocked Jhonny Gonazlez with a left hook to the body.

2.)  Antonio Tarver-  He has low volume but very good timing, some good power, and good ring IQ. He plays possum a lot too.

3.)  Ronald “Winky” Wright-  The most famous and one of the most recognized Peek-a-boo style defensive fighters.  He walks his opponents down and peppers them with straight left hands, a piston jab, and decent body work.  In his prime he could have taken on anyone at 160 and 154, but no one has given him a chance except Shane Mosley and Jermaine Taylor.  I felt he beat both of them convincingly.

4.)  Joshua “The Grandmaster (Heater)” Clottey –  Great airtight defense, walks his opponents down.  Has great counter punching ability, decent body punching, and great ring IQ.  He beat Cotto (just check out compubox numbers).

5.)  Arthur Abraham-  His defense is not as airtight as these other guys up there, but he makes up for it with huge roundhouse punches that destroy whatever they touch.  Without that God-given KO power, he’d be another Winky, and a victim of his style (losing close decisions and not winning big fights).
Have a nice day!  Dirrell won!  I predict Froch and Ward will pull out victories. Holler!


An Analysis of Top Welterweights…

March 23, 2010

1.)  Shane Mosley-  Great speed, great chin, good footwork,decent defense, great fighter’s instinct, good stamina, good heart,  good reach.  Gets outboxed by technically superior big guys sometimes (winky and forrest), works best at 147 and not 154.

2.)  Manny Pacquiao-  Amazing speed, great stamina, A chin, improved defense, high output, great power, unusual angles, two handed fighter, mixes offense and defense really well,

3.)  Joshua Clottey (nor in order)-  Iron chin, decent speed, decent counter puncher, decent body puncher, shell defense, one of the best defense in the welterweight division, sometimes not a strong finisher when it counts.

4.)  Miguel Cotto-  Huge left hook, decent boxing skills, decent counter puncher, B or C level chin, decent speed, stamina issues (after 6th or 9th round he fades fast and runs).  One of the best hearts in the divison.

5.)  Floyd Mayweather-  Great defensive skill, great speed, great counter puncher, great timing, lateral movement is below average, measuring distance is superior, huge ring iq, tricky and slick, great stamina, good chin.  Brittle hands, low offensive output, ducks good opponents, talks too much, promises his fans more than he can deliver.

6.)  Andre Berto-  Superior speed, fast feet, decently smart in the ring, power is below average.  Needs to work on infighting.  Needs more experience.

7.)  Luis Collazo-  Below average power, great volume, good defense, great heart, decent counter puncher, good body puncher, decent ring iq.


March 15, 2010

Stay tuned…    I will break down the strengths and weaknesses of the top 5 welterweights when I have the time.  Have a good day! 🙂


March 15, 2010

Read it motherfuckers:

Frank Z keeping it real fo’ sho!

Alexander The Great

March 15, 2010

This is late, but I really like the way Alexander fights.  Holding two belts now, with Khan, Pacquiao (I think or did he relinquish his titles?), and Bradley as other belt holders, Devon Alexander now has some negotiating power and some future star power. Alexander has beaten Witter, and Urango now and I feel with another tune up fight he will be ready to take on the greats.  Alexander displayed great footwork, balance, hand speed, power, combination punching, ring smarts, defense, and heart.  He took Urango out of his game plan with his lateral movement and combination punching.  I read many writers, especially on (great site), talk about how Alexander was “sufficient” or “average” or only “good” until the 8th round knockout, and I really disagree.  He did a great job of moving, and hitting, and as the commentators pointed out, of not only moving and holding like Berto did.  He kept the fight in the center of the ring and wanted to lay some hurt, not just win on points which was the safer route.  In the end, his heart and fight spirit conquered the much bigger and stronger Urango. Of course Urango the mummy was a limited test for Alexander, but I feel he’s almost ready to move on to bigger things.  I would like to see him take on Bradley after a few more fights.  He’s still young and shows promise.  I hope he doesn’t get rushed to early or he could get ruined.  I’d be in boxing heaven if I could see a Bradley Alexander trilogy. I hope the coward Khan signs a real fight sometime soon. His soft chin is  a perfect match for Malignaggi’s soft hands.  And where’s Maidana in this mix, and Ortiz? Things should get exciting.  I hope Holt and Torres make a comeback too fo’ sho!  Holler!

Why Joshua Clottey Gets No Love…

March 14, 2010

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, boxers with peek-a-boo defense get no love.  Why?  Look at Ronald “Winky” Wright and look at Joshua Clottey.  Two boxers with airtight defense, who bring the fight to the opponent, who can box and counter punch, BUT that don’t have one punch knockout power like Arthur Abraham, another fellow peek-a-booer.  Joshua Clottey can pretty much catch anyone’s Sunday Punch and combination on his gloves and elbows.  His defense wizardry and genius is in my opinion up to par with Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Neither of them get hit, and both of them are pretty good counter punchers and they both have good chins. So what’s the difference?  Why does Mayweather win fights and Clottey doesn’t?  First let’s analyze the situation.  Floyd can roll, slip, and bob and shoulderoll 20 punches in a row, and can land a jab or 1-2 and he will get the round or the “better” of the exchange.  Clottey would block and parry 20 punches in a row on gloves and elbows, and land a right cross flush or a double left hook or a left uppercut, and people will say “he didn’t want to win the fight enough”. Why is this?  My feeling is that the boxing public and most experts don’t appreciate the peek-a-boo stance.  They feel if the boxer is at least hiting gloves or elbows he’s partially scoring.  I think that’s bullshit.  When a boxer hits nothing but gloves and elbows no matter how many punches (shoe shining or aka- “missing”) I feel they shouldn’t be rewarded on volume or output alone.  In my opinion, it’s the exact same thing as missing 20 punches, however if the boxer throwing punches has “pop” or flash in their combination it might look eye catching to the judges, audience, and the whore nutsack rubbers of HBO commentating and then they’ll say “wow Berto is really giving it to him, or Judah is beating Clottey, or Pacquiao is really a genius”.  This is all bullshit.  Blocked shots is the same as missed shots:  nothing, bullshit, scram.  In addition, like Floyd Mayweather, Clottey doesn’t have a huge offensive output, but is accurate when he connects, and usually makes his opponents miss.  So what is the difference between Floyd and Clottey?  What is the “X” Factor?  I feel athleticism, flashy combos, a bit personality/charisma, showboating, and some kind of speed “wow’s” the judges on the part of Mayweather, but something Joshua Clottey does not have.  So what does this come down to?  Judges, experts, and fans alike are “wow”-ed by flashy combos and athleticism and NOT by true boxing, because otherwise they’d be more impressed with Joshua Clottey.  Clottey blocking 20 shots is being “inactive”, “passive”, and “overly defensive” and/or “scared” even though he counters after that flurry, BUT Floyd shoulder rolling 20 shots and then countering is seen as “defense wizardry”.  Makes me sick, the boxing establishment don’t know shit, and THIS is why Clottey loses fights, not because he lacks heart, is unwilling to take chances, or misses that “X” Factor.  It’s his style that will never be appreciated, not his heart or skills.  In my opinion, on Saturday, March 13th, Clottey kicked Pacquiao’s ass. The evidence is written on Pacquiao’s face. Pacquiao is a great fighter, but Clottey made him look like an amateur.  Holler!

Louie, Louie, Louie

March 7, 2010

I can’t wait until Luis Collazo gets another  title shot.  He’s one of my favorite fighters and welterweights today.  He’s all action, all pressure, relentless, defensively and fundamentally sound, and to many people including myself he beat Hatton and Berto.  Berto fight wasn’t even close.  Collazo deserves all the big money fights and big accolades for his performance in the ring.  This guy is a real fan of him.  Keep hammering Collazo!

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2010/2011

March 7, 2010

Bradley is on the verge of being the best boxer today.  He still needs a little more grooming, but I see him as a definite threat to Pacquiao by the end of the year. I would say after 1-2 more fights he’ll have the skills of a veteran and the strength of youth.  He outboxed Lamont Peterson, Nate Campbell, and Kendall Holt easily.  All of them are world class fighters.  Let’s face it:  Amir Khan, Urango, Alexander, and Maidana are not in his class.  Bradley is in a class of his own, with his aggression, volume punching, body punching, slick style, great footwork, and great defense.  He’s awesome. Yep!

Sergio Martinez is the best P4P fighter between 147-160

March 7, 2010

Sergio Martinez is by far the best fighter this side of 147-160.  I cannot think of a single fighter who can beat him between those weight classes. Floyd would not handle the speed, strength, or extra size that this guy brings, as well as being as slick as Floyd and having a better offensive output.  He will give Pacquiao a harder time than Morales ever did or ever could.  He beat Paul Williams pretty easily, with his hands on his sides.  Maravilla will beat Pavlik, pretty easily, and will clean out the Middleweight division, and then bring some smaller guys up in weight to challenge him.  This is good for boxing, Pavlik has been protected since the Hopkins fight and hasn’t fought anyone significant.  Sergio Martinez fights anyone and everyone.  He will be the p4p king someday.  Holler!

Why Mosley lost to Forrest and Winky.

March 6, 2010

Besides being prone to lose to more skillful or fundamentally complete boxers, which is a partial misconception, I feel that Mosley’s ideal weight is NOT 154.  I feel he went to 154 to challenge himself more through Vargas (twice), Forrest (twice), and Wright (twice).  De La Hoya did it, and actually ballooned all the way to 160 to get the most out of his career.  Mosley has always been most effective at 135 and 147, where his speed carries, and more importantly his power carries.  Mosley has been criticized at 154 as not boxing as much, and trying to go for the KO’s at every second, and acting like he’s the bigger with the greater power.  Agst Vargas he was more successful, but that’s probably partly due to the fact that Vargas likes to fight.  Forrest and Winky are expert technicians, and not even that, they are bigger than him as well, significantly.  For those two losses, I give Mosley a pass.  Or those four losses.  Cheers to Mosley for trying again both times, and giving Vargas a second chance.  That’s a champion’s heart.  At 147 Mosley is lightning fast, with above average KO power, a great chin, and is a KO threat to anyone, even Floyd.  Against Cotto Mosley didn’t fight too bad a fight.  However, I feel Mosley underestimated him, and if they had fought again I feel Mosley would have won a decision or have KO’d him in the late rounds.  PW called Cotto a “10 round fighter”.  This holds true.Especially since Mosley almost knocked Cotto out in the 10th round if it weren’t for the wet spot on the floor.  Either way, Mosley or Pacquiao is the best in the world, and Mosley will prove it on May 1st, and Pacquiao though I think will lose to Clottey, he’s maxed himself out and there is no shame losing to a great champion named Clottey.  Holler!