Dirrell Over Abraham: Super Six.

In my opinion, Andre Dirrell will knock out Arthur Abraham around the 10th or11th round. Dirrell is faster than him, more multi-dimensional, and more skilled than Abraham. Fact of the matter: Abraham can’t box. He goes into his peek-a-boo defense then he throws big windmill punches that throws him off balance when missing.  Abraham is overrated, especially with his greatest victories being his victory over Miranda after the first loss to Miranda (I know…), and then beating a burnt out Jermaine Taylor. This is not the Taylor who fought Bernard Hopkins twice, almost knocked out Pavlik, and almost knocked out Froch. This a Taylor, who was n0 longer “Bad Intentions”, who was gun shy, didn’t want to press a fight, barely threw right hands, afraid to jump on opportunities, and basically only fought to hear the final bell.  Abraham is good,but overrated and Dirrell will prove that fo’ sho! Dirrell TKO’s Abraham rounds 10/11, Ward UD’s Green, Froch TKO’s Kessler around rounds 8 or 9. Holler!


9 Responses to “Dirrell Over Abraham: Super Six.”

  1. DP69 Says:

    did I scare you off like scareweather??? LMFAO…come back to tss fool…maybe i’ll put your girlfriend ward in my name to honor our agreement…donputo69wardsagirl!!!!….or maybe not!!!….your all giddy for your girls pacquiao and ward but theyre going down!!!!! Holla back!!!!!

    • beewushu Says:

      Yo nigga! Nah man, I ain’t tronna “compete with the science.” This is just a boxing blog with my thoughts, not some publication. Haha… I miss the place Thanks a lot bro, i can’t believe you found this shit, hahaha.. so hilarious. I’ll lookaround the site. Thanks for everything.

  2. DP69 Says:

    homie you aint got enuff boxing knowledge to run a blog and compete with the science!!! LMFAO!!! you only been following the sport for a couple of years and dont know its history…all good though but you shoulda waited another few years and watch and learn about the sport…holla back!!!

  3. DP69 Says:

    cool…we down…I agree that salt lover is nothing but a fucking pussy thats licking scareweathers nutsack…they be pulling comments left and right over there…smiley c got banned for life by em for bullshit…all the newbs are takin over that fucking place n only bout 1 outta 5 comments of mine ever sees the fucking light of day…i get so fuckin pissed i want to break someones fucking jaw…maybe we can restore some fucking order!!! peace out bro…holla back!!!!

    • beewushu Says:

      when did smiley c get banned? i thought he still posts comments. yeah those fucki’n noobs suck like shit. what sites do you go to? I been going to fighthype, insidefights, bad left hook, maxboxing, and espn, sometimes east side boxing, fuck boxing scene, they all nothing but spyware. Take care.

  4. DP69 Says:

    smiley c got fucking banned homes…it happened under the fucking klitschko article written by frank lo….some of the fucking comments been yanked but smiley called isaiah a fucking racist punk and kept pounding the point and em said get the fuck out smiley, called his shit garbage and said don’t ever fucking come back…i was so fucking pissed when it happened i said i was gonna fucking break some random motherfuckers legs that day, but the comment never fucking posted…along with me smiley c owns that fucking site…you, radam, me, smiley c keep that shit fucking running…i told em that without us you can basically flush that fucking pile of trash down the fucking toilet…when i was in prison some random queen came at me with his pants down and i turned and fucking jacked him with 3 hard shots to the nose and busted the fucking shit so bad that he was in intensive care at ellis island…almost killed the fuck and wound up with a life sentence in that fucking warehouse of hell…more fucking queens in there than a fucking sausage factory…anyway i just fucking pissed that my auto approve got yoked on tss…its a pussy ass fucking site anyway with a bunch of fucking faggot readers…fighthypes aight, eastside, secondsout, thats where my fucking eyes be gawking…ready to wipe my ass with tss…just fucking soil all fucking over it….fucking take care homie….holla back!

  5. DP69 Says:

    homie….i spread the fucking word at tss for people to come here and the comment got fucking removed….what the fuck….im so fucking sick of that fucking sensorship over there….tryin to get most of those fucking cocksuckers and asspirates over here so we can shout at each other without a fucking sensor….we’ll see what happens the comment was up for about an hour so i think peops saw it and will be coming by…..id love to be able to tell salt that im gonna break his fucking jaw and break one of his relative’s fucking back without a sensor!!!!! lmfao……..we’ll see what happens you should be getting better traffic here though….holla back!!!!!!

  6. beewushu Says:

    Holy shit! Ijust fucki’n read this comment. You’re the fucki’n man. Holy shit, dude, Smiley C has become my favorite poster, and just when he does, fuckin’ EM pull him. Sorry to hear that. Shit man, anyway, hope you’re well, need the motivation to write down more blog posts. Take care man. TSS is becoming a douchebag kind of town. Holler! Even B-sug has gone to the dark side as far as being a NH of Floyd. Holler!

  7. DP69 Says:

    Fuck yeah niggah!! I aint even thinkin bout tss anymore…..all pussys and no heart….been going to other spots….em like a fuckin dictator dont need it dont want it…..i been in lots a prisons in my life n em is like one of them wardens with a stick up his ass…..warden at rikers was cool as shit never fucked with us and if a queen came at us he was down wid us fuckin deforming or killin the fucking queen..they sweeep it under and let survival of da fittest roll…..but tss changed bro…..hope to c more of ya but who da fuck knows……hopin here dat mosley kills mayweather or does like nigel benn to mcclellan (look it up….) in this one….holla back!!!!

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