Hozumi Hasagawa and Daiki Kameda

So I’ve been checking out video footage of Daiki Kameda and Hozumi Hasagawa.  I was mighty impressed by both of the smaller guys.  Kameda can really jab and move, he’s got exemplary footwork, and great power in his hands.  Hasagawa is simply amazing in how he can move and coil from punches, in his using his footwork also to make his opponents’ miss, and in his underrated power.  Hasegawa likes to mix it up and he’s a great counter puncher while getting hit very little himself. He doesn’t have a lot of KO’s in 20 something fights (less than 50%), however, he seems to carry a way greater  punch in that division than Carlos  Baldomir at Welterweight, Sergio Mora at Middleweight, Sergio Martinez at Jr. Middleweight, and Paulie Malignaggi at Jr. Welterweight who all have similar KO percentages.  The few KO’s I viewed from Hasegawa were huge and explosive.  Some of them were versus quality opponents (like a fighter from Thailand in a rematch), and it seems that Hasegawa is a natural bantamweight versus his opponents who seems a lot larger and more muscular. They must drain themselves the week of the weigh in and blow up over night while Hasegawa seems to maintain a steady weight and still remain strong.  I’m a big fan of these little guys.  Happy New Year!


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