Marquez the Lightweight

I feel that Juan Manual Marquez is TRULY a featherweight at heart.  I judge this by watching his fights against Joel Casamayor and Juan Diaz.  Both of these fighters gave Juan Manual Marquez the fight of his life in two very competitive matches (one of them being The 2009 Fight of the Year at the BWAA Awards).  In both these fights the opponents imposed their size, strength, and reach advantage (I’m assuming there was a reach advantage).  Casamayor was very wiley and able to hit Marquez with some good jabs and left crosses.  Juan Diaz hurt Marquez several times in the fight and took him hard to the body and head even though for lightweight standards Juan Diaz is not a heavy puncher.  In both the fights Marquez BARELY was able to pull the KO victory with what maximum power he could bring to the Lightweight division from Superfeatherweight, and both fights were late round KO’s (round 11 for Casamayor and round 9 for Juan Diaz).  This means that Marquez may have slightly above average punching power in the Lightweight division coupled with technical dominance.  Translation in layman’s terms:  Marquez had maxed out at lightweight.  In the Juan Diaz fight Max Kellerman made clear that Diaz had the size and strength advantage.  He used these advantages to bully and bring the fight to Marquez throughout much of the fight.  The compubox numbers the pace of the fight (more or less 100 punches per round from each fighter) favored Juan Diaz’s fight.  If Marquez was barely squeaking by, but still getting bullied at Lightweight, then I feel he had no business moving up to the Welterweight division nor the Junior Welterweight division.  There is no way Marquez would have the strength to fight off a 100% focused Ricky Hatton, nor a Miguel Cotto or Joshua Clottey at Lightweight. For anyone to give Floyd Mayweather Jr. credit beating Marquez when any top 10 Welterweight (including Zab Judah) could have done the same easily, and in less time, is completely insane.  Marquez maxed out in the Lightweight division as a blown up Featherweight, and he had no business moving up to Welterweight, nor moving back down to Junior Welterweight.  The reason why Marquez beating Diaz was so much more impressive than Malignaggi beating Diaz is because:  1.)  Marquez moved UP in weight to fight Diaz 2.)  Diaz is a natural Lightweight, no Junior Welterweight.  I feel it’s about time we stand “amazed” at how Floyd Mayweather dismantled Marquez when Marquez legitmately hit Floyd square on the jaw several times and did not shake him.  Floyd could have thrown his hands down and thrown caution to the wind and still not get hurt by a flush shot. Holler!


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