Adamek vs. Estrada

Hello!  I had Adamek 7 rounds to 5.  I gave Adamek rounds 1 & 7-12. I gave Estrada,who boxed beautifully, rounds 2-6. I don’t know why Estrada faded by the mid rounds.  He was boxing beautifully… showing great reflexes, timing, countering, and the classicFloyd Mayweather shoulder roll and defense to perfection.  Estrada was sharp, accurate, quick, and was hitting his mark.  That was until round 7 when Adamek turned up the heat, used his legs more, displayed more head movement and angles.  I thought from the beginning: is Estrada really in good enough shape to box? He had a jelly belly ala Cris Arroela and he jiggled when he moved, perhaps not as bad as Arroela, but he was no Klitschko brother nor Adamek as far as fitness goes and a LONG way from Evander Holyfield.  Anyhow, I was very impressed when Estrada outboxed Adamek for 5 rounds and was doing everything right.  He elected to box in the middle of the ring rather than jab and move or to pressure Adamek when he was moving laterally.  Thinking back, though it looked like brilliant fight planning, perhaps the reason Estrada stood still in the middle of the ring could be he wasn’t in great shape. I’ve been told that some fighters don’t like to run nor do the necessary work in the gym in order to fight a full 12 rounds.  Did Estrada underestimate Adamek or did he think he’d have an early night?  Either way, Adamek boxed beautifully in the last half of the fight and the body work paid dividends.  By rounds 11 & 12 Estrada was simply hobbling slowly after Adamek.  I give Adamek the champion’s heart , and he had the will to change and adapt in a fight he was losing and getting beaten up.  This also shows that a European champion must alter their style from a straight up 1-2 kind of puncher to a style with more fluidity and head movement and variety to keep up with the international pace.  This is what Chad Dawson exposed when he fought Tomasz Adamek a few years ago.  Actually Froch is different from other European fighters b/c of his trainer’s knowledge of the American boxing style as well. All in all, this was a very competitive fight and I truly enjoyed watching it.  Holler!


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