So yeah. Another series of fights are expected in lower weight divisions.  You got Gamboa vs. Juanma, I’m rooting for Gamboa unless his chin gives out.  Really I think of Juanma as just a power puncher who gallops forward like a bronco and dishes out a decent offensive strike with earthshaking power.  So what?  Knockout artists are a dime a dozen… we got Phillip N’dou, Kelly Pavlik, Edwin Valero, Ricardo Torres, David Tua… most of these guys fail when reaching a higher level. Why?  B/c power don’t mean shit.  Power don’t mean shit if you don’t have a punch of tools in your bag and you can adapt.  What happened when Margarito, Maidana, Mtagwa were able to walk thru the fire and land their right hand?  That’s right, Cotto, Ortiz, and Juanma folded like a stack of cards.  Power is overrated, and juanma can’t hold, jab and move when he’s hurt or when someone walks thru his fire.  He’ll get exposed sooner or later.  It’s funny, I was looking at Dan Rafael’s ESPN page and found Chris John is the top man at 130.  He doesn’t have KO power, will he be able to outbox Juanma ala Malignaggi vs. Diaz style?  We’ll see!  I feel Chris John is a bit overrated, or maybe bc his matches agst Juarez were boring as hell.  Juarez seems rather limited… as a pressure fighter without one punch KO power, limited head movement, slow and plodding, and just nothing special about him.  I do hope he wins a world title someday.  Soooo… who else does that leave? Donaire is the next big thing, he’ll be top 3 p4p in 2 years.  I’m looking forward to Penalosa’s return.  He’s awesome, he really is. He is highly underrated and I get offended when pple say he can’t box.  Sooooo… Clottey Pacquiao? I got Clottey winning by 10rd TKO. Pacquiao can’t handle the heat. Umm…..Super Six?  I had the first rounds right:  1.)  Andre Ward TKO inside 10th was my prediction  2.)  Arthur Abraham over Taylor late round TKO.    3.)  Froch decision over Dirrell.   So my second round picks:  1.)  Ward UD Green (and badly hurts him, maybe even 1 or 2 knockdowns)  2.)   Dirrell KO’s Abraham in 8 rounds   3.)  Froch KO’s Kessler in 10 rounds OR lopsided UD.  Froch has underrated boxing skills. He outboxed and outjabbed Pascal who’s a slick fighter and fast.  He also outboxed Taylor in addition to beating his ass from round 6 on.  And I mean having a great long jab, pretty good head movement sometimes, able to fend off punches his arms, a good “wrecking jab” or straight left, power in both hands, great stamina, great chin, great heart and determination, and a champion’s will.  My favorites for super six are:  1.)  Andre Ward 2.)  Froch   3.)  Dirrell (used to be abraham)  4.)  Abraham  5.)  Green   6.)  Kessler. I think the next series should be exciting.  The first round was underwhelming b/c we had a burnt out Jermain Taylor and a Dirrell who didn’t want to make a fight. Andre Ward’s victory would have been exciting, but he beat Kessler so easily.  However, Ward’s amazing victory did shock the world, or at the least the boxing world.  I’mwatching some Daiki Kameda right now at flyweight.  The guy can really jab and move on his toes and has power in both hands, has heart and the fighting will. Just amazing to watch.  I need to fill in on that Cuban boxer in the lighter divisions too.  Here’s a list of pple I’m looking forward to in LIGHTWEIGHT:  1.)  Juan Diaz   2.)  Nate Campbell  3.)  JMM  4.)  Valero  5.)  Robert “the Ghost”   6.)  Donaire someday   7.)  Juanma someday   8.)  Casamayor   These lightweights need to stop getting fat and moving up in weight to jr. welter ala Diaz and Campbell. They’re too small to matter unless they have better KO power in the heavier weight divisions or their speed makes such a difference that bigger, slower guys don’t matter.  That’s my theory on why Pacquiao is so successful in the welterweight division.  He has a punch, and he’s way too fast for anyone in that category.  I feel Pacquiao would struggle more at lightweight b/c the guys could handle his speed and they punch almost as hard as a welterweight.  Think about it, if they can handle his speed they could defend and dodge and slip andcounter better than a welterweight, also if  they can handle his speed they can make Pacquiao hittable. There’sa reason David Diaz did better than these heavier guys who fought Pacquiao:  b/c  he’s a lightweight.  I actually think Pacquiao would struggle agst Ali Funeka or a few other lightweights. Morales is definitely not as strong as a welterweight and he could hurt Pacquiao, neither is Juan Manual Marquez. Oh well, we’ll leave it at that.  At some point I want to write about Scareweather, despite his whole Shane Mosley, I feel he’s bad for boxing.  That’s it for now.  Holler!


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