This is my new boxing blog.  This is just a forum I can use to air out all my thoughts on the sweet science.  To start, with smaller guys, I’m a big fan of Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire.  I feel he’s the greatest fighter in the smaller weight division.  I mean, we have Juanma and Marquez and Vasquez getting all the hype whereas I feel Donaire is a better boxer than all of them.  He’s got great footwork, power in both hands, good head movement, good slick style, great left hook right cross combinations, and just an all around good fighter.  He’s already held titles in 2-3 different weight divisions, and has beaten a legitimate p4p’er in Vic Darchinyan.  Who has Juanma beaten?  You see?  All hype, who has Valero (tho he looked great last fight) beaten?  Exactly.  Yep.  Then we move up to the welterweight division.  I mean, look at Victor Ortiz, I used to think he was awesome, the next Cotto but better, but I stopped being  fan after he quit against Maidana.  Anyway, in the welterweight division we got Mosley at #1, Pacquiao, Scareweather (yes, that’s his real name), Williams, Quintana, Clottey, Collazo, Berto… yes… a loaded division.  Floyd shouldn’t get too much credit for fighting Shane.  Shane is the first legitimate p4p’er floyd has fought in his own weight division.  Manny should get all the credit in the world for moving UP in weight, and taking on a tough opponent, not a taylor made opponent, AFTER the negotiations with Floyd fell thru.  Yes, Floyd was considering Malignaggi (B+ fighter at best, tho pretty slick, tough as nails), Campbell (another blown up lightweight over 35), and Cintron (did I say B fighter?) .  So yeah, Manny is taking on an A opponent who I felt beat Cotto (and so did Harold Lederman 114-113) in eve of the Puerto Rican Day
“Charade” at Madison Square Garden  (close SD for Cotto) and who has killer defense, great chin, decent power in both hands, underrated boxing skills (head movement, footwork, speed, triple left hooks, lead right hands, good countering, great peek-a-boo defense Winky style), and good resilience. Yes, Clottey has shown lags in finishing  a fight in the past ala Margarito /Cotto style, but I feel Clottey has enough to beat Pacquiao and beat him up.  So all in all, I hope the welterweight division shapes up as good as it has potential to do.  Also, Rashad Holloway, welterweight, chief sparring partner for Manny Pacquiao, anyone see him fight?  Anyone know what he’s ranked?  I’d like to see him fight someday.  Jr. welters is gonna turn out great.  I feel timothy bradley is gonna dominate the division with an iron fist and have a meeting with pacqiuao by end of 2010 or early 2011, where I feel he’ll have a chance in beating him.  Yes. Though Amir Khan vs. Timothy Bradley would be a fun fight, or Amir Khan vs. ANYONE good and with power in at least one hand.   Valero…. looked pretty good in his last performance… his stuff still looks ugly, with his left hooks  and bustling,  and looping combinations… but it’s effective. He tore apart De Marco bit by bit.  VERY impressive, and despite de marco having a slick style and height/reach advantage, valero broke him down like a philly.  Tho i have issue with demarco not having enough power… he only has enough to keep top tier opponents honest, not hurt or staggering.  That’s what it’s about… Valero hasn’t faced top opponents with power yet , nor opponents that can stand up to his power.  However, Valero displayed great head movement, decent footwork, and defense. Let’s see how he does in the near future, maybe he’ll take up the fight agst Katsidis March 17th.  That would be a great fighter! Holler at #1 pacsage, Radam, Fe’roz, B-sug, EM, and all the TSSU gang. Gonna miss them.  Holler!


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