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Dirrell Over Abraham: Super Six.

February 20, 2010

In my opinion, Andre Dirrell will knock out Arthur Abraham around the 10th or11th round. Dirrell is faster than him, more multi-dimensional, and more skilled than Abraham. Fact of the matter: Abraham can’t box. He goes into his peek-a-boo defense then he throws big windmill punches that throws him off balance when missing.  Abraham is overrated, especially with his greatest victories being his victory over Miranda after the first loss to Miranda (I know…), and then beating a burnt out Jermaine Taylor. This is not the Taylor who fought Bernard Hopkins twice, almost knocked out Pavlik, and almost knocked out Froch. This a Taylor, who was n0 longer “Bad Intentions”, who was gun shy, didn’t want to press a fight, barely threw right hands, afraid to jump on opportunities, and basically only fought to hear the final bell.  Abraham is good,but overrated and Dirrell will prove that fo’ sho! Dirrell TKO’s Abraham rounds 10/11, Ward UD’s Green, Froch TKO’s Kessler around rounds 8 or 9. Holler!


Antonio Margarito: To be, or not to be…

February 18, 2010

I’ve been reading up on boxing news and found out Margarito’s “suspension” is officially over.  So here it comes:  should he be re-instated or not?  At the time when he was found out I was very angry and felt cheated.  I felt he deserved a lifetime ban.  However, after some time has passed, and the welterweight has had it’s up’s and down’s since Floyd Mayweather has come out of retirement, I now feel we should forgive Margarito and let him work his way up the ranks. Actually this has nothing to do with repentence or forgiveness-  the sport needs him.  The welterweight division needs him.  We got Floyd changing up the dynamics and officially STOPPING the best welterweights from fighting each other because he talks so much and fights so little and has such a high price tag. At one time Cotto-Margarito 2 was the biggest fight to be made and Floyd was safely retired with is perfect 40-0 record in the bag and snug in his belief that he was gone from the sport and that he was the best (of his era?  of all time?).  This void that Floyd left was quickly filled with Manny Pacquiao at 147 and 140, Cotto, Collazo, Williams, Clottey, Collazo, and Berto taking on the toughest fights and each other.  However, since Floyd has come in the picture he broke the chain of the best fighters fighting each other and for the past year since his retirement he forced Shane out of the negotiating table.  Shane Mosley is the best welterweight in the world, and in the past year he could not get a fight with Floyd, Manny, Cotto, Clottey, nor Berto.  I blame Floyd for this dynamic. He holds up fights with his posturing and negotiating, he blows up small events into bigger fights than they are (Mayweather vs. Marquez, Mayweather vs. Oscar), and he gets other fighters to lose focus on the toughest fights and for them to get in line to fight him.  Margarito would change all of that b/c despite how I feel about him, he’s fearless and fights anyone in front of him (Williams, Clottey, Cotto, and Mosley – a better resume than Floyd’s whole career).  Margarito is another fighter who’s on the verge of superstar status (again) if he can claim a couple victories and then set up a mega fight.  The welterweights can then stop funneling in line to fight Pacquiao or Mosley and Margarito, the new factor will create super fights OUTSIDE of only Pacquiao and Mayweather.  In addition, I believe that Margarito could beat Floyd b/c he never stops coming forward, has a cast iron chin, and doesn’t stop throwing punches.  Floyd’s hands are brittle and his output minimal, he’ll never throw enough to get Margarito off of hi for 12 rounds:  translation:  Floyd could NEVER do what Shane did.  Even if Floyd could beat Shane, it does not mean he would beat Margarito nor Cotto, and before anyone is too quick to call Floyd the best if he were to beat Shane, compare his career to shane, and observe whether or not you could claim Floyd the best b/c he fought one or two good fighters as opposed to Shane’s one or two dozen great fighters.  It doesn’t add up, but for the most part, I’mgoing to cheer for Shane to knock out Floyd.  Next to Pacquiao, Shane’s the most able fighter to end Floyd’s winning streak and Floyd would then stop worrying about padding his record and decide to fight the best, yes, ALL of THEM fo’ sho!  Holler!

Mayweather vs. Mosley

February 17, 2010

The possibilities:  1.)  Mosley by mid to late round TKO.   2.)  Floyd coasting to a 7-5 or 8-4 decision, quite easily with a little trouble.  3.)  The fighting having a back and forth with Mosley pushing the fight, and Floyd pushing the mental or outboxing/strategy side and ending in SD or a close UD (7-5).  Well, I’m sure we’ve all thought the possibilities back and forth, so here’s a few things to know about Floyd:  1.)  Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya and Marquez and Castillo were albe to hit Floyd cleanly.  Mosley is 1.5 – 2 times faster than all of these guys, punches a little harder, and is 3 times the boxer that they are.   2.)  Floyd has brittle hands so he is NOT going to take Mosley to the body:  translation:  it’s gonna be a LONG night for Floyd.  Mosley doesn’t tire out and he has a cast iron chin.  3.)   Floyd doesn’t punch enough (output) nor have a varied enough type of offense to hurt or trick Mosley.  His 1-2 combo, his lead right hand, and his lead left hook and check hook are not enough to hurt, wobble, trick, nor finish Mosley.  4.)  Mosley is still improving this late in the game.  Floyd looks like the same fighter 3 years ago or 4 years ago.  Floyd will bring the same bag of tricks, Shane will bring more along with having fought better competition and tougher and even bigger guys.  TRANSLATION: MOSLEY BOMA YE!!!  Fo’ sho!

Hozumi Hasagawa and Daiki Kameda

February 15, 2010

So I’ve been checking out video footage of Daiki Kameda and Hozumi Hasagawa.  I was mighty impressed by both of the smaller guys.  Kameda can really jab and move, he’s got exemplary footwork, and great power in his hands.  Hasagawa is simply amazing in how he can move and coil from punches, in his using his footwork also to make his opponents’ miss, and in his underrated power.  Hasegawa likes to mix it up and he’s a great counter puncher while getting hit very little himself. He doesn’t have a lot of KO’s in 20 something fights (less than 50%), however, he seems to carry a way greater  punch in that division than Carlos  Baldomir at Welterweight, Sergio Mora at Middleweight, Sergio Martinez at Jr. Middleweight, and Paulie Malignaggi at Jr. Welterweight who all have similar KO percentages.  The few KO’s I viewed from Hasegawa were huge and explosive.  Some of them were versus quality opponents (like a fighter from Thailand in a rematch), and it seems that Hasegawa is a natural bantamweight versus his opponents who seems a lot larger and more muscular. They must drain themselves the week of the weigh in and blow up over night while Hasegawa seems to maintain a steady weight and still remain strong.  I’m a big fan of these little guys.  Happy New Year!

Marquez the Lightweight

February 14, 2010

I feel that Juan Manual Marquez is TRULY a featherweight at heart.  I judge this by watching his fights against Joel Casamayor and Juan Diaz.  Both of these fighters gave Juan Manual Marquez the fight of his life in two very competitive matches (one of them being The 2009 Fight of the Year at the BWAA Awards).  In both these fights the opponents imposed their size, strength, and reach advantage (I’m assuming there was a reach advantage).  Casamayor was very wiley and able to hit Marquez with some good jabs and left crosses.  Juan Diaz hurt Marquez several times in the fight and took him hard to the body and head even though for lightweight standards Juan Diaz is not a heavy puncher.  In both the fights Marquez BARELY was able to pull the KO victory with what maximum power he could bring to the Lightweight division from Superfeatherweight, and both fights were late round KO’s (round 11 for Casamayor and round 9 for Juan Diaz).  This means that Marquez may have slightly above average punching power in the Lightweight division coupled with technical dominance.  Translation in layman’s terms:  Marquez had maxed out at lightweight.  In the Juan Diaz fight Max Kellerman made clear that Diaz had the size and strength advantage.  He used these advantages to bully and bring the fight to Marquez throughout much of the fight.  The compubox numbers the pace of the fight (more or less 100 punches per round from each fighter) favored Juan Diaz’s fight.  If Marquez was barely squeaking by, but still getting bullied at Lightweight, then I feel he had no business moving up to the Welterweight division nor the Junior Welterweight division.  There is no way Marquez would have the strength to fight off a 100% focused Ricky Hatton, nor a Miguel Cotto or Joshua Clottey at Lightweight. For anyone to give Floyd Mayweather Jr. credit beating Marquez when any top 10 Welterweight (including Zab Judah) could have done the same easily, and in less time, is completely insane.  Marquez maxed out in the Lightweight division as a blown up Featherweight, and he had no business moving up to Welterweight, nor moving back down to Junior Welterweight.  The reason why Marquez beating Diaz was so much more impressive than Malignaggi beating Diaz is because:  1.)  Marquez moved UP in weight to fight Diaz 2.)  Diaz is a natural Lightweight, no Junior Welterweight.  I feel it’s about time we stand “amazed” at how Floyd Mayweather dismantled Marquez when Marquez legitmately hit Floyd square on the jaw several times and did not shake him.  Floyd could have thrown his hands down and thrown caution to the wind and still not get hurt by a flush shot. Holler!

Adamek vs. Estrada

February 11, 2010

Hello!  I had Adamek 7 rounds to 5.  I gave Adamek rounds 1 & 7-12. I gave Estrada,who boxed beautifully, rounds 2-6. I don’t know why Estrada faded by the mid rounds.  He was boxing beautifully… showing great reflexes, timing, countering, and the classicFloyd Mayweather shoulder roll and defense to perfection.  Estrada was sharp, accurate, quick, and was hitting his mark.  That was until round 7 when Adamek turned up the heat, used his legs more, displayed more head movement and angles.  I thought from the beginning: is Estrada really in good enough shape to box? He had a jelly belly ala Cris Arroela and he jiggled when he moved, perhaps not as bad as Arroela, but he was no Klitschko brother nor Adamek as far as fitness goes and a LONG way from Evander Holyfield.  Anyhow, I was very impressed when Estrada outboxed Adamek for 5 rounds and was doing everything right.  He elected to box in the middle of the ring rather than jab and move or to pressure Adamek when he was moving laterally.  Thinking back, though it looked like brilliant fight planning, perhaps the reason Estrada stood still in the middle of the ring could be he wasn’t in great shape. I’ve been told that some fighters don’t like to run nor do the necessary work in the gym in order to fight a full 12 rounds.  Did Estrada underestimate Adamek or did he think he’d have an early night?  Either way, Adamek boxed beautifully in the last half of the fight and the body work paid dividends.  By rounds 11 & 12 Estrada was simply hobbling slowly after Adamek.  I give Adamek the champion’s heart , and he had the will to change and adapt in a fight he was losing and getting beaten up.  This also shows that a European champion must alter their style from a straight up 1-2 kind of puncher to a style with more fluidity and head movement and variety to keep up with the international pace.  This is what Chad Dawson exposed when he fought Tomasz Adamek a few years ago.  Actually Froch is different from other European fighters b/c of his trainer’s knowledge of the American boxing style as well. All in all, this was a very competitive fight and I truly enjoyed watching it.  Holler!


February 10, 2010

So yeah. Another series of fights are expected in lower weight divisions.  You got Gamboa vs. Juanma, I’m rooting for Gamboa unless his chin gives out.  Really I think of Juanma as just a power puncher who gallops forward like a bronco and dishes out a decent offensive strike with earthshaking power.  So what?  Knockout artists are a dime a dozen… we got Phillip N’dou, Kelly Pavlik, Edwin Valero, Ricardo Torres, David Tua… most of these guys fail when reaching a higher level. Why?  B/c power don’t mean shit.  Power don’t mean shit if you don’t have a punch of tools in your bag and you can adapt.  What happened when Margarito, Maidana, Mtagwa were able to walk thru the fire and land their right hand?  That’s right, Cotto, Ortiz, and Juanma folded like a stack of cards.  Power is overrated, and juanma can’t hold, jab and move when he’s hurt or when someone walks thru his fire.  He’ll get exposed sooner or later.  It’s funny, I was looking at Dan Rafael’s ESPN page and found Chris John is the top man at 130.  He doesn’t have KO power, will he be able to outbox Juanma ala Malignaggi vs. Diaz style?  We’ll see!  I feel Chris John is a bit overrated, or maybe bc his matches agst Juarez were boring as hell.  Juarez seems rather limited… as a pressure fighter without one punch KO power, limited head movement, slow and plodding, and just nothing special about him.  I do hope he wins a world title someday.  Soooo… who else does that leave? Donaire is the next big thing, he’ll be top 3 p4p in 2 years.  I’m looking forward to Penalosa’s return.  He’s awesome, he really is. He is highly underrated and I get offended when pple say he can’t box.  Sooooo… Clottey Pacquiao? I got Clottey winning by 10rd TKO. Pacquiao can’t handle the heat. Umm…..Super Six?  I had the first rounds right:  1.)  Andre Ward TKO inside 10th was my prediction  2.)  Arthur Abraham over Taylor late round TKO.    3.)  Froch decision over Dirrell.   So my second round picks:  1.)  Ward UD Green (and badly hurts him, maybe even 1 or 2 knockdowns)  2.)   Dirrell KO’s Abraham in 8 rounds   3.)  Froch KO’s Kessler in 10 rounds OR lopsided UD.  Froch has underrated boxing skills. He outboxed and outjabbed Pascal who’s a slick fighter and fast.  He also outboxed Taylor in addition to beating his ass from round 6 on.  And I mean having a great long jab, pretty good head movement sometimes, able to fend off punches his arms, a good “wrecking jab” or straight left, power in both hands, great stamina, great chin, great heart and determination, and a champion’s will.  My favorites for super six are:  1.)  Andre Ward 2.)  Froch   3.)  Dirrell (used to be abraham)  4.)  Abraham  5.)  Green   6.)  Kessler. I think the next series should be exciting.  The first round was underwhelming b/c we had a burnt out Jermain Taylor and a Dirrell who didn’t want to make a fight. Andre Ward’s victory would have been exciting, but he beat Kessler so easily.  However, Ward’s amazing victory did shock the world, or at the least the boxing world.  I’mwatching some Daiki Kameda right now at flyweight.  The guy can really jab and move on his toes and has power in both hands, has heart and the fighting will. Just amazing to watch.  I need to fill in on that Cuban boxer in the lighter divisions too.  Here’s a list of pple I’m looking forward to in LIGHTWEIGHT:  1.)  Juan Diaz   2.)  Nate Campbell  3.)  JMM  4.)  Valero  5.)  Robert “the Ghost”   6.)  Donaire someday   7.)  Juanma someday   8.)  Casamayor   These lightweights need to stop getting fat and moving up in weight to jr. welter ala Diaz and Campbell. They’re too small to matter unless they have better KO power in the heavier weight divisions or their speed makes such a difference that bigger, slower guys don’t matter.  That’s my theory on why Pacquiao is so successful in the welterweight division.  He has a punch, and he’s way too fast for anyone in that category.  I feel Pacquiao would struggle more at lightweight b/c the guys could handle his speed and they punch almost as hard as a welterweight.  Think about it, if they can handle his speed they could defend and dodge and slip andcounter better than a welterweight, also if  they can handle his speed they can make Pacquiao hittable. There’sa reason David Diaz did better than these heavier guys who fought Pacquiao:  b/c  he’s a lightweight.  I actually think Pacquiao would struggle agst Ali Funeka or a few other lightweights. Morales is definitely not as strong as a welterweight and he could hurt Pacquiao, neither is Juan Manual Marquez. Oh well, we’ll leave it at that.  At some point I want to write about Scareweather, despite his whole Shane Mosley, I feel he’s bad for boxing.  That’s it for now.  Holler!


February 9, 2010

This is my new boxing blog.  This is just a forum I can use to air out all my thoughts on the sweet science.  To start, with smaller guys, I’m a big fan of Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire.  I feel he’s the greatest fighter in the smaller weight division.  I mean, we have Juanma and Marquez and Vasquez getting all the hype whereas I feel Donaire is a better boxer than all of them.  He’s got great footwork, power in both hands, good head movement, good slick style, great left hook right cross combinations, and just an all around good fighter.  He’s already held titles in 2-3 different weight divisions, and has beaten a legitimate p4p’er in Vic Darchinyan.  Who has Juanma beaten?  You see?  All hype, who has Valero (tho he looked great last fight) beaten?  Exactly.  Yep.  Then we move up to the welterweight division.  I mean, look at Victor Ortiz, I used to think he was awesome, the next Cotto but better, but I stopped being  fan after he quit against Maidana.  Anyway, in the welterweight division we got Mosley at #1, Pacquiao, Scareweather (yes, that’s his real name), Williams, Quintana, Clottey, Collazo, Berto… yes… a loaded division.  Floyd shouldn’t get too much credit for fighting Shane.  Shane is the first legitimate p4p’er floyd has fought in his own weight division.  Manny should get all the credit in the world for moving UP in weight, and taking on a tough opponent, not a taylor made opponent, AFTER the negotiations with Floyd fell thru.  Yes, Floyd was considering Malignaggi (B+ fighter at best, tho pretty slick, tough as nails), Campbell (another blown up lightweight over 35), and Cintron (did I say B fighter?) .  So yeah, Manny is taking on an A opponent who I felt beat Cotto (and so did Harold Lederman 114-113) in eve of the Puerto Rican Day
“Charade” at Madison Square Garden  (close SD for Cotto) and who has killer defense, great chin, decent power in both hands, underrated boxing skills (head movement, footwork, speed, triple left hooks, lead right hands, good countering, great peek-a-boo defense Winky style), and good resilience. Yes, Clottey has shown lags in finishing  a fight in the past ala Margarito /Cotto style, but I feel Clottey has enough to beat Pacquiao and beat him up.  So all in all, I hope the welterweight division shapes up as good as it has potential to do.  Also, Rashad Holloway, welterweight, chief sparring partner for Manny Pacquiao, anyone see him fight?  Anyone know what he’s ranked?  I’d like to see him fight someday.  Jr. welters is gonna turn out great.  I feel timothy bradley is gonna dominate the division with an iron fist and have a meeting with pacqiuao by end of 2010 or early 2011, where I feel he’ll have a chance in beating him.  Yes. Though Amir Khan vs. Timothy Bradley would be a fun fight, or Amir Khan vs. ANYONE good and with power in at least one hand.   Valero…. looked pretty good in his last performance… his stuff still looks ugly, with his left hooks  and bustling,  and looping combinations… but it’s effective. He tore apart De Marco bit by bit.  VERY impressive, and despite de marco having a slick style and height/reach advantage, valero broke him down like a philly.  Tho i have issue with demarco not having enough power… he only has enough to keep top tier opponents honest, not hurt or staggering.  That’s what it’s about… Valero hasn’t faced top opponents with power yet , nor opponents that can stand up to his power.  However, Valero displayed great head movement, decent footwork, and defense. Let’s see how he does in the near future, maybe he’ll take up the fight agst Katsidis March 17th.  That would be a great fighter! Holler at #1 pacsage, Radam, Fe’roz, B-sug, EM, and all the TSSU gang. Gonna miss them.  Holler!

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February 9, 2010

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